Why You Need to Consider Outdoor Living Areas, Fire Pits, and Kitchens

Outdoor Living Areas

Why You Need to Consider Outdoor Living Areas, Fire Pits, and Kitchens

What makes a home feel like a home? It starts with the people you live with. But when it comes to the home itself, we think there are a few key characteristics that make a home feel like home:

  • A fire pit. There’s something primal about our connection with fire. A fire is a place to gather. To contemplate. To enjoy each other’s company. Fire is what made it possible to enjoy the night all the way through, which is why it’s such an essential part of any home that wants true ambiance.
  • A living area. The living area is appropriately-titled. Why? Because it’s where you’re going to do a lot of your living. An outdoor living area is especially important for building that sense of home even in the outdoors—and, when the weather is good, especially
  • The kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is a great way to reconnect with nature. Not only will it be great for hosting people for parties, but it can serve as a second kitchen that makes it possible to enjoy the weather even more.

If you don’t already have these areas outside your home, it might be time to consider adding them on. Doing so can not only increase the resale value of your house, but can offer plenty of day-to-day benefits that make your life at home even more pleasant. Here’s why you need to consider each one for your house:

Outdoor Living Areas

What value do outdoor living areas bring to the table?

It might be better to ask what they don’t bring to the table. But if you ask anyone with a great outdoor living area what they most enjoy, you’ll probably see one of the following features included in their response:

  • Added living space. Adding an outdoor living area means more living space. That means more space for hosting parties, for evening conversations, or simply for getting out of the house when the weather is pleasant. That added living space not only has an impact on a home’s resale value, but has a definite impact on its current value while living in it.
  • Increased flexibility. Need more space to host an unexpected party? An outdoor living area can provide that. Need somewhere to go while the indoors is all taken up? That’s what an outdoor living area provides. That increased flexibility gives everyone in the home more options.
  • Enjoying the weather. Good weather is a blessing. But what if you don’t have the space to enjoy it? If all you have to enjoy the weather is one chair, it’s not going to feel like you’re “enjoying” it so much after all. If, on the other hand, you have a full outdoor living area, you’ll have plenty of excuses to get outside and enjoy the sun.

Outdoor Fire Pits

The outdoor fire pit is not only one of the best ways to expand your living space, but is a time-honored tradition that goes back to…well, the discovery of fire. An outdoor fire pit serves many purposes. It can be your centerpiece as you host a get-together. It can offer you an excuse to enjoy the sunset, even past the twilight hours.

But there are concrete benefits for having an outdoor fire pit as well. Here are a few you’ll want to consider:

    • The most obvious—and often, the most overlooked. Fires provide warmth, which means that they make it possible for you to enjoy your outdoor living area for more than just the daylight hours. This not only expands the square footage of your living space, but the practical time you can spend outside.
    • Most people don’t think about the advantage of light when they think about outdoor fire pits, but being able to enjoy your living space for longer is a great advantage. It means your parties can last longer, your dinners can go into the wee hours, or you can simply get outdoors to enjoy a sunset with some added light and warmth to keep things as comfortable as they are indoors.
    • Bug prevention. You love the weather? Great. So do bugs. The advantage of using a fire is that the smoke will naturally prevent bugs from gathering around you. This doesn’t mean that you should eschew other types of bug prevention necessarily—it’s just a nice advantage built in to the fire pit.
    • Resale value. A quality fire pit not only adds to the ambiance of your outdoor landscaping, but can have a truly dramatic effect on the perceived price of your home, allowing you to ask for more when it comes time to sell. Or, if you love your fire pit too much—never sell.

Outdoor Kitchens

There’s nothing that will make you feel like the ruler of your own domain more than an outdoor kitchen. You can use an outdoor kitchen to either prepare nightly meals or host fantastic outdoor parties—the choice is entirely yours.

Why outdoors? Because an indoor kitchen can be more trouble than you might imagine, particularly when it comes to hosting. For example, a large group in a small indoor kitchen can make it nearly impossible to continue preparing food for a group. An outdoor kitchen has as much room as the great outdoors themselves, which gives you plenty of options for hosting, even if you don’t have a particularly large living space in general.

Which One Should You Choose?

If you’re considering adding one or more of the options above, the question can seem difficult: which one should you choose? But you’d be surprised at how easy it can be to add a space like this even to an average landscape. You only have to know the reasons behind it—whether you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors more as a result of your investment. That’s ultimately why you need to consider these outdoor living spaces, and it’s what will have the most impact on your quality of life at home.