Water Features


Water features are an aesthetically pleasing way to spice up the landscape of your property. Many homeowners not only fall in love with the look of a water feature, but also enjoy the soothing sound water will create.

These features can be used as a focal point anywhere in a yard. Some homeowners want a bubbler in their front yard to greet guests, while others like to have a feature near a patio or outdoor living space.

A pump with a catch basin will keep water circulating throughout the design, which will prevent the growth of algae and create a visibly appealing feature. Water features come in a variety of designs, include basalt fountains, bird baths, waterfalls, and koi ponds.

Ground Breakers designers know exactly where to locate a water feature to avoid debris and other unwanted items from being trapped inside. Don’t let this opportunity to spruce up your yard slip away.


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