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Lawn Seeding

Are you installing a new lawn or have bare spots in your existing lawn? Ground Breakers can help you create a great lawn. Depending on your needs, we have three different lawn installation methods.

Installing sod is the fastest way to get a great looking lawn. Ground Breakers can install sod properly and create a great looking yard instantly.

Hydroseeding is the quickest way to grow grass from seed. Ground Breakers has the equipment that uses a mixture of seed and mulch which quickly starts the growth process. Mulch keeps the seeds moist and growth will begin in about one week. Hydroseeding is effective and not as expensive as sodding.

Broadcast Seeding

Broadcast Seeding is another method to grow grass. Ground Breakers will begin this process by grading the soil prior to planting. The seeds are directly sprinkled into the soil, the soil is raked and straw is spread to keep it moist and in place.

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Our Story

Ground Breakers is a professional, local, family owned landscaping company. Owner, Troy Bergman has over 12 years of experience as a businessman and landscape designer. Our services include landscape design, retaining walls, patios, outdoor kitchens, lawn seeding, sodding, perennial gardens…

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