Retaining Walls & Stairs

Retaining Walls & Stairs

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls will add visual interest to a yard, but they can offer homeowners more than just aesthetics. The right designs can help homeowners control erosion, manage runoff, hold grade changes, and ease mowing.

The designers at Ground Breakers are National Concrete and Masonry Alliance certified, which means they know the right ingredients for a long-lasting retaining wall. The construction process for a quality wall starts with a 6 to 8-inch limestone base to keep it level. The designers at Ground Breakers know the proper drainage techniques needed to build a retaining wall that will last for decades.

Consider calling the professionals at Ground Breakers before attempting to construct a retaining wall yourself. Mistakes in the construction of a retaining wall can cause serious problems, including water flow issues that could affect you or your neighbors. The experts at Ground Breakers will work with you to find the best retaining wall design to fit your home.

Modular block retaining walls consist of pre-engineered concrete blocks that interlock with each other. These blocks come in a variety of styles and textures.

Natural stone walls are constructed from natural stone and do not need adhesives to hold the materials in place. They offer a natural look to any landscape as the material is taken directly from the ground.

Both types of retaining walls will help add natural beauty and functionality to your yard.


Landscaping Steps

Outdoor stairs can be incorporated into many landscaping projects to both utilize small space and ease travel up slopes. Stairs can be constructed using many different materials, including natural stone, concrete blocks or pavers, and brick. We can custom build stairs to fit any landscape. Let Ground Breakers add safety and design to your home with a functional set of stairs.