Landscape Design Process

Landscape Design Process

Customers of Ground Breakers Landscape & Design LLC can rest easy knowing they will be part of the process with our landscaping professionals, from first contact to the final walkthrough. The following is a synopsis of the four phases our experts at Ground Breakers follow while carrying out a landscaping project at your home.


Our project timeline begins as soon as a customer contacts us with the goal in mind to improve their home with a landscaping project. At this time, we will schedule an initial meeting at the customer’s property, which is free of charge.

During this consultation, we will survey the site and gather as much information as needed from the homeowner. This meeting will help our experts gather a sense of what the scope of the project is, its purpose, the features that will be included, and any budget constraints.


Once the project’s goals have been established, we will begin our work drawing up the preliminary concepts. We will use houseplans and any measurements taken on site to create this initial plan for the project. This process will also include a design fee, ranging anywhere from $150 to $750, depending on the scope of the project. Most full home designs run around $350. Our design plans are hand-drawn, which offers a more personal touch as compared to computer designs.


A second meeting between a Ground Breakers representative and the customer is the next phase of a project once the design has been finished. This gives the customer an opportunity to make changes to the design. This meeting will also be dedicated to selecting the materials for the project and determining any significant price changes. A timeline will be established of how long the project should take and a rough timeline of when our crews will be on the property. Ground Breakers typically will require a down payment of 25 percent total project cost once this planning phase is completed.


With a plan in hand, our crews are ready to get to work. We always start our work with any hardscapes before finishing with the softscapes. Hardscapes include retaining walls, pavers and patios; while softscapes are other items such as edging and plants. Our crew will always clean up the workspace at the end of the day, placing tools inside our trucks and sweeping the road and driveway. On larger projects, we may ask for another 25 percent of the total project cost on the day construction begins. Once construction is completed, a final walkthrough will be carried out to make sure the project is 100 percent completed to your standards. We will offer maintenance tips during the final walkthrough to keep your new landscape additions looking fresh.