Ground Breakers LLC


Ground Breakers offers premium hardwood firewood to both residential and commercial customers throughout western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota.  Our hardwood firewood includes oak, maple, elm, and cherry. The firewood is 15-16″ in length and is split into small pieces.  The firewood is seasoned for at least one year before sale.  If you have a special request, such as more oak, or need a different length of firewood, please call us and we will try to meet your needs.

For Outdoor Burners

We also have box elder and softwood mixes of firewood available for outdoor burners or outdoor fire pits.  This is a very inexpensive fuel to heat your home with.  Call if you are interested or just have a question.  715-222-4371


Delivery is available 7 days a week.  We offer friendly and reliable service that you can count on year after year.  Special pricing is available on bulk orders.

Quantities Available & Price

  • 1/3 Cord   4’ x 8’  $110
  • ½ Cord  4’ x 12’  $160
  • 2/3 Cord  4’ x 16’ $210
  • Full Cord  4’x24’ $300

Our Story

Ground Breakers is a professional, local, family owned landscaping company. Owner, Troy Bergman has over 12 years of experience as a businessman and landscape designer. Our services include landscape design, retaining walls, patios, outdoor kitchens, lawn seeding, sodding, perennial gardens…

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