Why Hire a Landscaper?

Why hire a professional landscaper?


At Ground Breakers Landscape & Design, we understand finances can be limited.

So why hire a professional landscaping company when a little bit of time and research could potentially yield the same results?

Professional landscapers have the answers to problems that an inexperienced person may not even know exist.

The professionals at Ground Breakers Landscape & Design LLC have seen plenty of instances where homeowners have spent thousands of dollars on materials only to have something go wrong. What seemed like a “do it yourself” project quickly got out of hand, requiring a call to the professionals to help remedy the problem.

In one encounter, a homeowner who tried to design his own patio found out too late that the right slope is needed to avoid water problems. The result was fallen rainfall flowing back into his home, causing some serious headaches. At the same time, this “do it yourself” patio did not have enough gravel underneath as a base layer. This caused the pavers to rise up into his home, resulting in damage to a patio door and some exterior siding.

This is just one example of why hiring a professional landscaping company is almost always the right decision.

Often inexperienced homeowners do not own the proper tools for the job, which can be a crucial mistake. Landscapers spend years and thousands of dollars acquiring the tools needed for their jobs. If a homeowner decides to spend their money renting these necessary tools, the project often will end up costing about the same as it would have with a professional.

Landscape experts will also help a homeowner choose the materials that will work the best. When choosing plants, a professional will know the different textures, colors, size and flowering times that will work best in a project.

The designers at Ground Breakers Landscape & Design have a wealth of knowledge to yield the best possible results for a project. A quality landscaping project could potentially increase the value of your house by upwards of 20 percent.

The next time you are considering a “do it yourself” project, call the professionals at Ground Breakers Landscape & Design instead. You will be glad you did.  Contact us today and we promise you will be happy you called the professionals!