Smokeless Fire Pits: The Next Big Thing in Outdoor Enjoyment

Smokeless Firepit

Smokeless Fire Pits: The Next Big Thing in Outdoor Enjoyment

Imagine going outdoors for a cool summer sunset. Good company, good drinks, and a crackling fire.

Then, the smoke.

The wind moves in. You have to constantly move chairs as the wind shifts the smoke from one guest to the next—until, finally, you all decide to give up. Rather than enjoy a comfortable evening outdoors and getting into some fun conversation, the entire night is actually spent indoors.

That’s no way to enjoy a fire pit. Enter the smokeless fire pit. The smokeless fire pit is an outdoor living area centered around a contraption that allows you to burn firewood with minimal smoke. The end-result is a pleasant fire that creates plenty of warmth—and little of the irritation.

How does it all work, and why might you want to consider one? Read on:

How a Smokeless Fire Pit Works

First, let’s get something out of the way: there’s actually no such thing as a smokeless fire. A smokeless fire pit, however, can create the illusion of a smokeless fire by managing the flow of air and smoke throughout the fire itself. It might be better to think of these as smoke-reducing pits.

The fire pit itself feeds air through the bottom that comes in through the sides. When this air mixes with the smoke at the high point of the fire, it causes the smoke itself to “re-burn” a bit, which is why a smokeless fire pit will appear to be full of flames, even coming in from the sides. That’s the “re-burn” effect that’s reducing the overall amount of smoke created in the fire pit.

There’s plenty of good news here: the smokeless fire pit doesn’t necessarily use any fancy contraptions or bells and whistles to create its effect. Only effective engineering and design. And if you can center your outdoor living space around a piece like this, it can have an untold impact on the ambiance of your yard.

The Benefits of Using a Smokeless Fire pit

“No smoke? I’m sold!”

Okay, maybe you haven’t reacted that positively just yet. But a smokeless fire pit can have far more benefits than you might have imagined. If you’re considering enhancing your outdoor living spaces, it might be time to consider them. Here are just a few:

  • No more worrying about the wind. Anyone who’s had an outdoor living space featuring a fit pit in the past knows just how powerful a factor the wind can be. And shifting wind? Forget it. It will make it nearly impossible to get outdoors and enjoy the relaxing ambiance of a fire pit the way you were meant to. A smokeless fire pit doesn’t have to deal with this problem, which means that even if the winds are unpredictable, you can still have a great time outdoors with plenty of company around the fire.
  • By doing a “re-burn” with the smoke, the firewood itself gets burned more efficiently. This allows you to conserve some of your resources and feel good about the fact that you’re getting more flame for the experience. You’re not putting in any extra energy to get the smokeless fire pit to work the way it’s intended—it’s a simple matter of engineering and air flow. This combination makes it possible to enjoy more fire out of your firewood with the benefits of avoiding the intense smoke from camp-style fires.
  • Some smokeless fire pits offer a fan for flame control. This is something you can’t get out of any ordinary fire pit—it allows you to show off to your guests and really get the ambiance to what you want it to be, kind of like hitting a dimmer switch on the wall to have a romantic evening at home. While a rustic-style fire has its own ambiance, it’s hard to get much more control and quality out of a natural firewood fire than you might with a smokeless fire pit.
  • Consistency for ambiance. Finally, let’s talk about consistency. Consistency is an integral part of ambiance. You don’t want the flames whooshing around while the smoke blows in every direction. You want consistency—that mood-setting consistency that makes it possible to sit around a fire and get lost in conversation. Perhaps the best feature of any smokeless fire pit is the fact that the fire pit will remain consistent, giving you the hours of quality burning that you might have hoped for, but never quite expected.

How to Get the Most From a Smokeless Fire Pit

Interested in having a smokeless fire pit in your landscape? It can be a great way to ensure that you can spend the evening outdoors. But we have a few tips for getting the most out of your experience along the way:

  • Allow plenty of space for the fire pit and for seating. You don’t want the seats to be next to an outdoor kitchen area where the grill will constantly blow smoke all over the area—that will only defeat the purpose. Try to think about everything in context.
  • Design ahead. Think about things like where the sun will be when it sets and how that might impact the views from your smokeless fire pit. It won’t necessarily change your entire strategy, but it’s good to think about while you’re still in the “blueprint” stage.
  • Think about bug repellant. The advantage of smoke is that it naturally keeps bugs away—the problem is that it can keep guests away too! If you want a smokeless fire pit to be enjoyed all evening long, then you’ll have to invest in some alternative ways to keep bugs out of the area.
  • Enjoy! Finally, just enjoy your smokeless fire pit. It’s an affordable, innocent pleasure to watch a fire burn down as you enjoy the company. That’s what it’s there for.

The bottom line? A smokeless fire pit can be the centerpiece of a great landscaping project for your yard—especially if you already enjoy burning natural firewood.