Seven Reasons You Need to Start Burning Firewood

7 Reasons to Start Buring Firewood

Seven Reasons You Need to Start Burning Firewood

Some say, “home is where the heart is.” But home is also where the hearth is. Your fireplace feels like the centerpiece of your home for a reason: it provides warmth, community, and the sense of home that makes a house the cozy, welcoming place. For outdoor fire pits, it can be a place for your family to gather.

What fuels the hearth? Firewood. And while many might have their reservations about burning firewood for the ambiance alone, there are plenty of reasons to get yourself a bunch of new firewood and set about burning it. Here are just a few:

1. Firewood Can Be Cleaner-Burning Than You Think

For the green-conscious, the idea of smoke coming out of your chimney or outdoor living areas already sounds like a bad prospect for the environment. But firewood can be a lot eco-friendlier than you might imagine.

Why? There are a few reasons:

  • Firewood is a renewable resource. When you get your firewood from a reputable company, you don’t have to worry about where it’s coming from. Firewood is a renewable resource that will continue to grow throughout the world.
  • Efficiency matters. Your effect on the environment is largely determined by the energy efficiency of your fuel sources. With high-grade wood, you can improve that efficiency and get more hours out of less smoke.

For more information on maintaining health and eco-friendliness with your wood burning, see the EPA’s Burn Wise section on its website.

2. Saving Money on Heating and Electricity

Admit it: you’ve Googled “how to save money on electricity in the winter” before. We all have. And when the cold months roll around, it seems like there are few ways to escape the higher energy costs associated with heating your home.

If you don’t want to dial up the entire home’s temperature just to stay warm as you watch television, consider using firewood instead. According to, heating a room with firewood in a fireplace can keep that room up to 10 degrees warmer without ever resorting to dialing up the thermostat.

This isolated heating means that you aren’t spending money to heat up the whole home when you’re not using it—and with how cheap and long-lasting today’s firewood can be, there’s no reason to add another blanket when you can enjoy the radiant heat of your fireplace.

3. Keeping Heat Handy in an Emergency

We like to think that our heating systems will always be there for us. But in the heart of winter, during an unexpected snow-storm, are you really prepared to risk your comfort and even personal safety on that confidence?

You shouldn’t be alarmed if you don’t have firewood handy, but it never hurts to keep some around for an emergency like a power outage. Having an alternative method of heating your home can mean the difference between total confidence during a winter storm or simply hoping for the best—and in situations like that, it’s always better to prepare in a way that gives you full confidence.

4. Building More Self-Sufficiency

#3 gets down to a more basic question: self-sufficiency. If someone asked you to host an outing in your outdoor kitchens or outdoor fire pits, how much work would it take? Would you have to come up with a list of groceries to buy and wood to acquire, or would you be ready at a moment’s notice? What if the power goes out? Can you still have a good time?

Self-sufficiency is something of a lost art these days. Having firewood handy for your outdoor living areas can help build that self-sufficiency. When you provide heat and even a method of cooking, you’ve taken care of two important challenges. That’s the kind of self-sufficiency that doesn’t only make you a better host, but can actually help you prepare for emergencies.

5. Ambiance, Ambiance, Ambiance

Okay, maybe earlier on we did say that outdoor fire pits and indoor fireplaces are about more than mere ambiance. But ambiance is still important!

Ambiance can mean a lot of different things. Ambiance can be the warmth that adds a special element to the holiday season. Ambiance can be the rustic charm of outdoor fire pits as you host a weekend gathering. Ambiance can be the simplicity of a warm fireside evening while you curl up with a favorite book.

Ambiance is more about the appearance of your home—it’s also about that essential element of mood. Burning quality firewood can have powerful effects for both personal use or friendly gatherings.

6. A Reason To Get Outdoors

When the weather is crisp, outdoor living areas and outdoor firepits can make great excuses to still enjoy an open sky. Burning firewood will provide the heat and ambiance necessary to build an enjoyable afternoon or evening. Whether you want to get outside to grill more this season or simply want to get a little more sun, burning firewood outdoors is a bit like lighting the candle indoors—it sets the mood for a fantastic evening.

7. Getting Rid of Bugs

One reason to avoid going outdoors to enjoy yourself? The mosquitos and insects that want to enjoy it as much as you do.

Let’s make it easier to go outdoors and enjoy mother nature. Burning firewood outdoors will help you create a radiance and a heat that keeps bugs at bay. This natural bug repellent doesn’t always work 100%, but it’s a great way to create a bug-free area in which people can enjoy themselves. That clears up plenty of real estate for cooking, grilling, conversation, or simply relaxing by the fire as you watch the firewood naturally progress throughout the night.

Burning firewood is a great way to bring your home “back to basics.” You can save money, build ambiance, and create an environment that people will truly love. Whenever you have firewood handy, you have a way to stay warm and create a small gathering. It’s amazing what one little log can do.

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