Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

Add a beautiful kitchen to your outdoor living space


Outdoor kitchens have become one of the trendiest additions to add to a home. Many think of their outdoor living space as an extension of their home. Whether you have a deck, porch, or patio, that space can be easily transformed into an outdoor kitchen for entertaining friends and family.


They’re Trendy

Outdoor kitchens aren’t just a feature for the most luxurious homes anymore. These days, outdoor kitchens can be found on any priced property. The outdoor kitchen trend can be dated back to the recession in 2008. Families began eating at home to save money, resulting in more creative entrees, cooking techniques, and dining areas to spice things up.

The surge in remodeling outdoor living spaces into kitchens can also be attributed to the growth of the landscaping industry. A growing landscaping industry has created new trends and techniques, especially when hardscaping. Along with outdoor kitchens, pergolas, fire features, retaining walls, and outdoor living rooms have become desired outdoor features for homeowners across the country.


Outdoor Kitchens are Versatile

An outdoor kitchen isn’t just for cooking. These beautiful spaces can be used for any sort of outdoor entertainment. Some outdoor kitchens have their table headed by a TV, while others may have an outdoor bar. One of the greatest things about adding an outdoor kitchen to a home is their versatility, and that just adds to the fun of planning the project.

Most outdoor kitchens have a grill, a serving area, and a dining table. However, many other features can be added to these spaces. Bars, lounging chairs, fireplaces, TVs, and even dishwashers can be added to make your outdoor kitchen a unique one. Although many homeowners use their outdoor kitchens for dinner parties, they can be used for much more. The different uses of outdoor kitchens are endless, but enjoying the summer weather, sitting by a fire, and having an outdoor nightcap are just a few examples.

Built in grill & refrigerator

Getting Started

If you’re interested in adding an outdoor kitchen to your home or outdoor living space, hiring an experienced landscaper is the best place to start. A professional landscaper will come in, listen to the features you’d like your kitchen to have, take measurements, and begin planning the project with their team. Once the planning process is finished, you will be able to watch the construction of your new outdoor kitchen before your very own eyes.

If you’re interested in adding an outdoor living space to your beautiful home, you can contact Ground Breakers Landscape & Design LLC at (715) 307-1590 or fill out our online contact form for a free estimate. We’ve got years of experience with landscaping, hardscaping, and outdoor design, and we’d love to be part of the dream you have for your home.